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Brisbane Smoke Alarms

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  • Smoke detector alarms can alert you and your family of a fire, giving you time to escape the building.
  • You do not smell smoke when you’re asleep so a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is important.

Smoke Alarms Brisbane

Early warning is vital to escaping a house fire. That’s why every home in Brisbane and Queensland needs a smoke alarm.

There are several smoke alarm detectors to choose from. So it can be confusing to know which smoke alarm is best for you in your house.

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Types of Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms contain a photo cell and a light beam shining away from the cell.

When smoke enters the test chamber, some of the light is scattered by the smoke particles and hits the cell, triggering the alarm.

Photoelectric alarms are best at detecting smoky and smouldering fires, which is a common type of house fire. Dust and/or insects entering the unit can cause false alarms, so they have to be occasionally cleaned.

Ionisation Smoke Alarms

Ionisation Smoke Alarms contain a very small amount of radioactive material, which reacts to particles emitted in a fire and sets off the alarm.

Ionisation alarms are best at detecting fast-flaming fires that don’t emit much visible smoke. But many house fires tend to be smoky and smouldering long before they flare into flame, and ionisation alarms aren’t as quick at detecting these.

They can also be prone to false alarms from cooking and steam, so they shouldn’t be located too near your kitchen or bathroom.

Dual Sensor Alarms

Dual Sensor Alarms contain both an ionisation sensor and a photoelectric sensor.

They get the best and worst features of both types. They can be a good option but as with any ionisation alarm, don’t install them too near a kitchen or bathroom.

Which is the Best Smoke Alarm?

Photoelectric alarms are the best type for homes, as shown by CHOICE tests and as recommended by most fire authorities.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are usually much faster at detecting smoke from smouldering synthetic material than ionisation alarms.

In a typical house fire, burning material smoulders and smokes for a long time (possibly a few hours) before flaring into flames.

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